News-Scapes                         A New Game Begins

                A New Game Begins
                  A New Game Begins  2005-2006, Oil on board, 48 x 58" ( with surround not shown: 72 x 80")

If Tall Ships and Changing Times represents the Alpha of this series, A New Game Begins is the Omega.
Buying a copy of the New York Times to read about the Katrina disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Griffin was struck by how closely a photograph of the inundated city resembled Frederic Church's Cotopaxi, a monumental painting of a South American volcano, now in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

CotopaxiFrederic Church, (1826-1900) a major artist of the Hudson River School, was noted for his vivid palette and kinetic effects of light and mass. Church was fortunate enough to have been a student of Thomas Cole and they remained close friends.  As with most of his contemporaries, Church followed a yearly cycle of travel and studio time.  He had a studio in NYC and a home which he designed in a Persian style called Olana in Hudson, NY.   His most noted painting from his travels to South America is Heart of the Andes, 1859 which traveled as a single picture exhibition.   Cotopaxi is another of his well known works. 

                                                                                               Frederic Church, Cotopaxi. 1862. 48 x 85", Oil on canvas


New York TimesThe resemblance led Griffin to question how the artists of the 19 Century, many of whom attempted to capture the Romantic Sublime or illustrate Manifest Destiny, would have dealt with present-day subjects that echo the often-destructive forces represented by these themes. One thing is certain: Church wished to show his viewer the violence and awesome majesty of nature in precise detail. In Griffin's painting we see not merely this, but the corresponding violence, incompetence and indifference of a governing system. The board has been cleared for a monstrous new game.                                                              


A New Game Begins


A New Game Begins was first presented with
a soft-sculpture surround of the monopoly board
for it’s debut April, 2006 at Gallery 384, Catskill, NY. 
It’s final framing has yet to be determined.


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