These works were first shown at Gallery 384, Catskill, NY, entitled Earth, Air, Fire--Oil!  in spring of 2006
Extra reference material is included with enlargements

Takk Ships Tall Ships Dawn Dawn Dusk Dusk Noonday Noonday Night
Tall Ships & Changing Times Dawn - September 11 Dusk - March 18, Noonday Night
Chernobyl Chernobyl Kuwait I Kuwait 1 Kuwait II Kuwait 2 Bannerman Castle Bannerman's Alight
Chernobyl Kuwait I Kuwait II Bannerman"s Alight
Superstorm Superstorm Katrina New Game Begins Dead Pines Booth and Bear Butte Colfax Cofax County
Superstorm A New Game Begins Booth & Bear Bute Cofax County

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