News-Scapes                            Dawn  and   Dusk






Dawn of September 12
2006,  Oil on board,  10 x 18"




Dusk of March 18
2006,  Oil on board, 10 x 18"


Dawn of September 12 and Dusk of March 18, refer to images from the immediate aftermath of violent events: the first is of the dawn rising after the incidents of September 11, 2001, and the second depicts the afternoon of the first day that Baghdad was bombed during the second Gulf War. In these two paintings, intended as a thematic diptych, Griffin references several artists, including Frederic Church, Sanford Gifford and Louis Comfort Tiffany, who were based in New York City and who made painting trips to the Middle East. The glowing Hudson River sunsets of their canvases find a horrific correlate in the rising smoke of the World Trade Center's ashes, while the 19th century "exoticism" of the Middle East's domed cities and desert skies is here sullied by the clouds of war and gunfire.