News Scapes                                   Chernobyl

                                                                  Chernobyl I,  2006,   16  x 20,"  Oil on board

Chernobyl servalance imageAt right is the photograph from a surveillance camera that caught the initial steam explosion at the Chemobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986.  It was her inspiration for this sequence of paintings.

Griffin found the digital chaos an integral part of the image and so reflected this by looking to the style of the English artist J.M. Turner (1775-1851), who was an important forerunner of both the European and the American Romantic schools. Turner often depicted violent scenes by burying them in masses of swirling light. The catastrophe at Chernobyl may be seen as a forerunner of present dangers, both political and environmental.

Chernobyl II

Chernobyl III






                                                 Chernobyl III  7 x 7"

Chernobyl II 12 x 8" The triptych represents the continuing echo of the disaster which will be with us for hundreds of years.