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After Kubrick: A Landscape Essay
My decision to paint After Kubrick: A Landscape Essay came into being after several events took place. My work reflects an interest in the Hudson River painters, who often painted vistas from the top of mountains. These mountains, which were logged 150 years ago, are now overgrown with trees and studded with “no trespassing” signs—thus, no vistas. To overcome this I hired a helicopter and took to the air. The many pictures of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains were the basis for a show entitled Hudson River Aerial, which hung at the Bannerman Island Gallery, Beacon, NY, in June of 2006. While preparing for that show I happened to see The Shining, a favorite film of mine, and was captivated by its opening. Kubrick use of helicopter cinematography echoed the scale of paintings by Albert Bierstadt and other artists of the American West.

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Gacier National Park St Mary Lake Yellow Bug Dies Arie