Historical Landscapes                      Niagara Falls

       Niagra Falls
      Niagara Falls  1996   Oil on board  15 x 30"

Many icons painted numerous times by the Hudson River School artists are located, not surprisingly, along the Hudson River.  One spot which was constantly painted, and still a favorite, is Niagara Falls.  This view was taken by Griffin from the tower on the American side and rendered as it might have looked during the Hudson River School's hay day.  Though the edge has changed slightly owing to sections dropping off, the main change is to the volume of water going over the falls.  Today a lot of it is diverted for hydro-electric power.


Frederic Church (1826 - 1900)
Church was considered to be one of the most famous of the Hudson River School painters. A student of Cole, he painted scenes throughout America, South America and Europe. His trips to the MIddle East inspired his design of Olana, his house perched on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.  This painting of the Horse-shoe Falls won Church accolades for it's daring composition.

Frederic Church, Niagara, 1857,  Oil on canvas, 43 x 90"