Historical Landscapes                 Wallkill River

                                                      Wallkill River            
                                                      The Wallkill River 14 x 11"   Oil on board   2003   


Watkins Glen

James Hope,  Watkins Glen    13 x 10"  Oil on canvas

Wallkill River
"These photos I took early in the spring of 2002.  The green water is from dissolved copper.  The river is fed by small streams from Peekamoose Mountain.  The resemblance of the setting to Hope's work inspired my painting."

Born in Scotland, James Hope (1818-1892) began his art career as a portrait painter.  His interest in landscape painting was probably inspired by Frederic Church, whom he met one summer while painting in Vermont.  A prolific painter, Hope made his home in Watkins Glen and painted all around the area. This painting is of the Watkins River as it meanders toward Seneca Lake.