Duo-Scapes                                 Beyond Gifford

                  Beyond Gifford
                  Beyond Gifford,  2005,  26 x 38", Oil on board

Beyond Gifford surrounds the actual sized replica of Sanford Gifford's The Catskill Mountain House with a nighttime continuation of the setting taken from the actual spot--sunset rock-- overlooking North and South lake in the Catskill Mountains.


Sunset Rock GiffordOn her first trip to the famous spot Griffin was struck with the beauty of the panorama.  Though she loved Gifford's rendition, the trees had filled in most of that view and she wished she could see the "rest of the picture".  What came from that was the first in her series of Duo-paintings, the soft surround of a hazy evening landscape.

                                                                                                                                  Beyond Gifford, 20 x 24" oil on board, 2002.