Aerial Paintings

As a complete departure from the Hudson River School, the aerial views were created by Griffin out of desperation of trying to get to the tops of mountains which she found overgrown with trees and often off limits because of private ownership.  She hired a helicopter and took to the skies. "The views were awesome and gave me (quite literally) a whole new perspective. It also led to my next endeavor After Kubrick—the Landscape Essay."

Bannerman Island Bannerman Island Bannerman Island   Iona Island Iona Island Iona Island   Bannerman Island Bannerman by Air
Bannerman Island
o/b 2006   20x20"
  Iona Island
o/b 2006  16x20"
  Bannerman by Air
0/b  2006  16x20

Constitution Marsh

Constitution Island

  Peekskill Bay Peekskill Bay   Bearmountain Bridge Bear Mountain Bridge
Constitution Marsh
o/b  2006  20x16
  Peekskill Bay
0/b 2006  36x24
  Bear Mountain Bridge
o/b 2006  36x24"